Enhanced traffic lights and the latest technology to improve driver experience and road safety.

Portsmouth City Council is proud to announce a significant milestone in its efforts to improve traffic management and road safety across the city. With the successful £500k funding award from the Department for Transport (DfT), Portsmouth is set to take a leap forward in its modernisation of traffic signals.

This funding, secured through both the Green Light Fund (GLF) and Traffic Signal Obsolescence Grant (TSOG), reflects Portsmouth’s commitment to delivering cleaner, greener, and easier travel for everyone.

The breakdown of funding allocation for Portsmouth includes:

  • £500,000 from the Green Light Fund: This substantial allocation will enable the tune up of traffic signals to better reflect current traffic conditions and get traffic flowing. This will be integrated into ongoing Colas Life Cycle Replacement works for traffic lights, maximising the impact of this investment.
  • £71,700 from the Traffic Signal Obsolescence Grant: Designated specifically to upgrade traffic signal systems, replacing unreliable and obsolete equipment to improve reliability. This funding will ensure the reliability and efficiency of Portsmouth’s traffic signal infrastructure.

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “Getting this funding is a big deal for Portsmouth. It means we can update our traffic lights to make traffic flow better, keep roads safer, and make our transport system more eco-friendly. We’re really committed to making the most out of this for everyone in the community.”