Two bus shelters with Living Roofs have been installed in Portsmouth in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to support pollinating insects and to enhance local biodiversity.

The two brand-new bus shelters, installed by Clear Channel UK, are located at Spur Road outside Cosham Library. These are the first of 15 bus shelters chosen by Portsmouth City Council to have a Living Roof installed. From the spring, upgrades will also be taking place across the city.

Each roof has been planted with a mix of native wildflower and sedum species designed to attract pollinating insects. The bus stops are not yet green and flowering, as the selected plants are dormant in winter, but will start to grow in spring and summer.

As well as being visually attractive, the green roofed bus stops will also provide a boost to local biodiversity, by creating ‘stepping-stones’ (otherwise known as nature recovery networks) for bees and other pollinators whose numbers are sadly in decline. Living Roofs also contribute towards climate resistance by absorbing falling rainwater, thereby mitigating runoff during heavy storms, and filtering fine dust from the air which improves air quality.

Clear Channel is already in charge of maintaining bus stops in Portsmouth and will oversee cleaning and maintenance for the new Living Roof bus stops, for the entirety of their life, at no cost to the council.

Cllr Kimberley Barrett, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Greening the City said:

“Not only will the bus stops look wonderful in the city, but they will be a haven for wildlife. The Living Roof bus stops are another example of how we are working to improve Portsmouth’s biodiversity, climate and air quality, and I hope to see many more in the city soon.”

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Cabinet Member for Transport at Portsmouth City Council said:

“People rely on the bus to get them where they need to go, and we are making improvements to bus services in city to encourage more people to use the bus. It’s great that these shelters with their innovative green roofs have been installed making bus journeys even more enjoyable for our residents”.

Will Ramage, Clear Channel’s Managing Director said:

“As our collaboration with Portsmouth City Council continues, we’re pleased to see the installation of our Living Roof bus shelters. The shelters underscore our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility, offering tangible benefits to the local community and environment by supporting biodiversity and enhancing the city’s ecological landscape. We look forward to witnessing the positive effects these green-roofed bus stops will bring to Portsmouth’s urban ecosystem.”

More information about the Living Roof bus stops in Portsmouth is available on the council website: