People taking children to and from school will be made safer, as the council has increased enforcement of cars stopped on 'keep clear' markings outside schools.

Portsmouth City Council has installed automatic cameras to identify vehicles that have stopped on zig-zag markings outside schools, in an effort to make it safer for children and families to get to and from school.

Automatic cameras are located at seven sites in Portsmouth and can detect whether a vehicle is stopped on entrance markings outside schools. If a driver is found to be stopped on one of these ‘keep clear’ zig-zag markings, the system will automatically create a case for a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) to review. If the CEO believes that a parking contravention has taken place, the registered keeper of the vehicle will be sent a penalty charge notice by post.

The cameras are useful as they allow the council to ensure more people are kept safe without a CEO needing to attend, and signs outside schools highlight that camera enforcement is taking place. This means that more schools can be covered by either a CEO on-site or a camera, leading to children and families being able to travel to and from school in safer ways.

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Cabinet Member for Transport, said:

“It is disappointing to see people ignoring the zig zags outside schools and parking on them during school hours. This behaviour has driven us to take more action to keep children safe at more schools with an increase in enforcement activity.”