Portsmouth residents have the opportunity to save energy and money in their homes using the latest technology thanks to a new initiative run by the Switched On Portsmouth team.

The Portsmouth Library of Things and Switched On Portsmouth, part of Portsmouth City Council, have teamed up to offer thermal imaging camera workshops to help residents identify and address ways of saving energy in their homes.

Residents can then borrow the camera and use it to detect cold spots in their homes where your heat is being lost. These areas can often be quickly and cheaply repaired, meaning you can stop overpaying for expensive heating, and help the city reduce its carbon emissions. The camera can be borrowed from the Portsmouth Library of Things, for a suggested donation of £15.

Residents who have already been on the short workshop and borrowed the camera have gained valuable insights into making their homes warmer and more energy efficient.

Jane, a Portsmouth resident, said:

“My husband and I both attended a workshop and found it very interesting. So much so that we borrowed the thermal imaging camera from the Library of Things immediately afterwards. We saw that a lot of heat was being lost from the bottom of the front door, so I put a draught excluder there.

The loft insulation seems to be doing a good job as the upstairs ceilings aren’t losing any heat.

I’d recommend that people attend the workshop before borrowing the camera, so they know how to make their home warmer and save money.”

Cllr Darren Sanders, Cabinet Member for Housing and Tackling Homelessness, said:

“By working together and sharing knowledge, we can support each other to make positive changes that benefit us all. These workshops offer a valuable opportunity to learn new skills and strategies that can help us live more comfortably and sustainably. Whether it’s learning how to better insulate our homes or finding ways to reduce our energy bills, every little bit helps.”

Cllr Kimberly Barrett, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Greening the City said:

“This collaborative initiative serves as an example of how crucial it is to recognise areas where households can improve, such as staying warm during cold spells and identifying cost-saving measures. It would be great to see people making use of these workshops and using the camera to benefit their households and reduce the loss of heating in their homes to save energy.”

Switched On Portsmouth, a council-run service, helps families save on their energy bills, while reducing energy consumption at home not only saves money but also contributes to reducing carbon footprints. You can find out about their services on their website at www.switchedonportsmouth.co.uk.

Portsmouth Library of Things is run by local charity Share (Portsmouth) and residents can become members and then borrow infrequently used items, rather than buying them, saving money, carbon and space.  To participate in these workshops or borrow thermal imaging cameras visit https://shareportsmouth.org.uk/workshops/.