Portsmouth residents encouraged to take free healthy relationship quiz in campaign to raise awareness of domestic abuse

Portsmouth’s annual Is This Love? campaign has re-launched, to raise awareness of the signs of domestic abuse and where to get help.

A free, short quiz is available at www.isthislove.org.uk to help residents consider if their relationship is healthy. Based on the answers given in the quiz, residents will receive advice and information on where to get support. The quiz is completely confidential.

Stop Domestic Abuse deliver support services in Portsmouth and across Hampshire to anyone affected by unhealthy and abusive relationships. A Portsmouth helpline is available from 9am-9pm Monday to Friday and 10am-6pm on weekends and bank holidays. This is open to victims, family/friends, those who are abusive, violent or controlling in their relationship and want to change, and professionals. The service also provides refuge accommodation for women and children and community-based outreach support for victims and survivors.

Is This Love? aims to highlight different signs of domestic abuse, including physical, financial and emotional abuse. People can find advice and support for themselves, and there is information on what to do if they think someone they know is in an abusive relationship. The campaign also answers key questions such as ‘are the signs different for men or the LGBTQ+ community?’.

Councillor Ian Holder, Cabinet Member for Safety in the Community at Portsmouth City Council, said: “This campaign is all about helping residents to learn more about the signs of an unhealthy relationship and where to find help and support if they need it.

“The quiz is quick and easy to complete and completely confidential. If you or someone you know is in an unhealthy relationship or suffering from domestic abuse I’d strongly recommend you take the quiz to find out what support is available.”

Claire Lambon, Chief Executive Officer at Stop Domestic Abuse said: “Campaigns like Is This Love? are incredibly important in helping get the message out about the warning signs of domestic abuse. When you feel that there may be something wrong in a relationship, whether your own, friends or family, a short quiz is a simple and effective way of supporting you to get confidential information and guide you to next steps towards advice. The more we can raise awareness about the signs of domestic abuse, the closer we will get to a world without it.

“Stop Domestic Abuse can provide support to anyone affected by domestic abuse including children and young people.  If you are experiencing domestic abuse or you are using unhealthy behaviours in your relationship, please do contact us for advice and support on 023 9206 5494.”