Portsmouth City Council has taken a proactive approach by engaging with residents, local businesses, and interest groups to collaboratively design the first Active Pompey Neighbourhood. The primary objective of this initiative is to alleviate issues such as excessive through traffic, congestion, and speeding, all while enhancing pedestrian and cycling safety that makes it easier to choose this way of traveling.

If approved during the upcoming Transport decision meeting, the temporary changes will encompass several key elements:

  • One-Way Road: Bramble Road will be transformed into a one-way eastbound route for drivers, thereby improving traffic flow and safety.
  • Secure Cycle Parking: The introduction of secure bike hangars will encourage and support sustainable transportation alternatives.
  • Recycled Plastic Planters: The addition of creative spaces featuring recycled plastic planters will enhance the neighbourhood’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Speed Cushions: Speed cushions will be installed on four roads, effectively discouraging speeding and promoting road safety.

Local residents in an area of Southsea can look forward to quieter roads and increased safety, thanks to proposed plans to implement one-way roads, speed cushions, and safer cycle routes. If approved these exciting developments will drastically reduce through traffic and speeding vehicles in the community.

Residents have long expressed concerns about speeding in the area, which prompted the council to conduct a comprehensive 24-hour speed survey over the course of a week. The findings revealed that over 85% of drivers were exceeding the speed limits, reinforcing the necessity of these proposed changes to create a safer environment and reduce the influx of passing traffic.

Once implemented, the temporary changes will be subjected to a thorough review after a year of operation. This evaluation will determine the effectiveness of the modifications in reducing speeds and, most importantly, will consider the feedback and opinions of the local community.

Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Cabinet Member for Transport, “At every stage of this journey, we’ve actively involved the community putting their health and welfare first. We listened to their thoughts on the initial concepts, and with their invaluable feedback, we refined and evolved our proposals. These proposals, which we’ll be discussing at the upcoming transport decision meeting, are a testament to this collective effort. In keeping with our commitment to community engagement, if approved, the changes will be temporary, ensuring the community’s continued involvement and reinforcing our commitment to their input before finalising these improvements.”

For more information visit www.portsmouth.gov.uk/activepompeyneighbourhood