This National Adoption Week (16 to 22 October), a powerful new campaign has been launched by You Can Adopt to celebrate the evolving face of adoption.

It shows striking imagery of eight people adopted between the 1960s and 2010s against a backdrop of their own emotive, poignant words that bring to life how adoption has shaped, and continues to shape, their life and highlights how adoption has changed over the years.

The portraits have been released alongside a brand-new short film captured during the photoshoot, which tells first-hand the group’s different experiences of adoption.

The campaign during National Adoption Week 2023 shines a light on the positive impact adoption has had on their lives, and the progress made by government and local authority children’s services to ensure children, and their sense of identity, are at the heart of the adoption journey.

The film shows how different adoption looks today from 50 years ago for adopted people. We have grown in our understanding based on what adult adoptees and research is telling us. Nowadays, staying in touch with birth relatives, when appropriate, is an expected part of the adoption process and is in the best interests of the adopted child. Every child should have a life story book, a later life letter, and memory box, which all helps them stay connected to their past.

Portsmouth is part of Adopt South, having joined adoption teams in Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Southampton to become one adoption agency. To find out more about adoption, visit Adopt South | Health and social care | Hampshire County Council (