Portsmouth residents and businesses are being advised to look out for changes to the roads in Southsea before, during and after Victorious Festival.

To keep everyone safe in and around the festival some roads and facilities within the festival site will be closed to traffic and vehicle movement will be limited around the site area during the festival.

Car parking will be reduced due to some roads being within the festival site and others used as temporary taxi ranks and bus stops for the festival shuttle bus.

Drivers who park their vehicles within the festival area should check temporary signs that are being put up to ensure they are not parking within a prohibited area where their vehicle could be removed to make space for the festival.

The following roads will be closed from 8am on Thursday 24 August until 8pm on Tuesday 29 August: Clarence Esplanade, from the flood gate to Pyramids car park; Avenue de Caen; Serpentine Way; Victoria Avenue, southbound only; and Victoria Avenue Spur.

Parking will be suspended 8am Thursday 24 August to 8am Monday 28 August in Clarence Esplanade from the flood gate to the South Parade junction, Avenue De Caen, Jack Cockerill Way Spur, Victoria Avenue, Victoria Avenue Spur and The Dell, along with some spaces on Duisburg Way. Parking will also be suspended from 8am Monday 28 August to 8pm Tuesday 29 August in Clarence Esplanade from the flood gate to the Avenue De Caen. Cars left in these areas will be removed.

The D-Day Story car park will also be closed from 8am Thursday 24 August to 8pm Tuesday 29 August while The Pyramids car park will remain open but with significantly reduced capacity.

Traffic on Clarence Parade is likely to be briefly stopped throughout the day to allow large numbers of people to cross the road. Additionally a number of roads in Southsea may also be temporarily closed to traffic at the end of the event each day should that be needed to keep everyone safe while large numbers of people leave at once, if this happens they will be reopened as soon as it safe.

To ensure the safety of festivalgoers as they leave the event, a number of further roads will be closed between 10.30pm until midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Roads will reopen as soon as possible after crowds have dispersed.

Cllr Steve Pitt, Leader of Portsmouth City Council said: “We’re extremely grateful to everyone for their patience and understanding while these road closures are in place.  We do our best to minimise any disruption from Victorious Festival which is a fantastic event for the city, with tens of thousands of residents enjoying it while it also gives local businesses a big economic boost.”

To view the full road closures and restrictions visit www.portsmouth.gov.uk and search ‘TTRO 243/2023’