Portsmouth’s residents and visitors are being encouraged to plan their journey ahead of the bank holiday weekend to make the most of the weekend and avoid disruption from train strikes.

There are strikes planned which will impact train services in the city over the long weekend, making it even more important people plan their journey in advance.

To help everyone enjoy the weekend and to reduce traffic congestion, residents and visitors are encouraged to plan their journeys in advance, and if possible walk, cycle, ride rental e-scooters or catch the bus or train where available.

On Saturday 26 August South Western Railway will not be operating trains to or from Portsmouth due to RMT strike action. Other than Saturday, trains will be running in Portsmouth, although there may be some service alterations.

Buses in the city will run as normal after Unite and First Bus South reached an agreement to avoid strike action.

Victorious festival organisers are making every effort to reduce emissions from travel to the site and are therefore not providing an onsite car park. Instead, they have introduced greener travel options including Big Green Coaches and a dedicated festival park and ride service running from Lakeside North Harbour. Festivalgoers can check out the Victorious Festival travel information on the event website.

Additional rental e-scooter parking is being made available at the Seafront Esplanade car park and at Clarence Esplanade following the popularity of Voi’s rental scheme to travel to Victorious Festival last year. Rental e-scooter racks within the area of the festival will be removed and deactivated, including those at Clarence Esplanade, Jack Cockerill Way, Palmerston Road and Southsea Terrace.

Cllr Steve Pitt, Leader of Portsmouth City Council said: “Victorious Festival and a bank holiday always means a busy weekend in Portsmouth and the train strikes might mean more people are tempted to travel by car but we’re asking everyone to walk, cycle or rent an e-scooter where possible. If people can plan their journeys and make little changes where they can it can help them and everyone else get around a bit more easily.”

Even without Victorious Festival, Portsmouth is a popular place on a bank holiday weekend with a wealth of activities and opportunities to enjoy across the city, including a range of visitor attractions, shopping, entertainment, eating and drinking.

Anyone looking to travel in the city can take advantage of these top tips for an easier journey:

  • Use a Voi rental e-scooter (over 18s only), available to ride until 10pm – visit voi.com
  • Rent a Beryl electric or push bike (over 16s only) – visit beryl.cc
  • Take a bus or ferry
  • Hovertravel is also an option, operating every 30 minutes throughout the day between Ryde and Southsea.
  • Take a train where you can – be sure to check with operators for the latest timetables
  • Consider park and ride, either the dedicated Victorious Festival service from Lakeside North Harbour, or the city’s usual park and ride at junction 1 on the M275