People in Portsmouth can look forward to a safer transport network, as the council is set to apply for new powers to help everyone get to where they need to go safely and reliably.

Portsmouth City Council will recommend applying for new powers to enforce moving traffic contraventions at an upcoming transport decision meeting. This would help keep junctions clear and build a better-connected transport network to ensure everyone can get to where they need to go reliably and safely.

A moving traffic contravention includes actions such as ignoring banned right or left turns, stopping on yellow criss-crossed boxes, and driving through a ‘No Entry’ sign.

As part of the application process to government, the council has assessed areas across the network and identified a number of locations for the first phase, with more sites considered in future.

Having these powers will help the council to create safer, less congested roads, and at the locations selected it will support the police so they can focus on other areas.

These locations are based on where changes would most improve safety and the efficiency of the transport network. Proposed sites include:

  • St George’s Road and Park Road at the entrance to Gunwharf Quays
  • The junction between Park Road and Anglesea Road
  • The junction between Milton Road and Velder Avenue
  • The junction between Anglesea Road and Bishop Crispian Way
  • The entrance to the M275 slip road at Rudmore Roundabout

Before making any changes, the council will carry out consultation with residents, businesses, and key stakeholders such as the emergency services.

All feedback from the consultation will be taken into account for the initial locations as well as for potential future locations. Portsmouth Council will continue to work with residents and businesses on plans for the further sites, with public consultations to commence in due course.

These proposed changes are part of our vision to transform how we travel within our city and create a safer, greener and more connected transport network.

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: “Extending the power to enforce moving traffic contraventions outside of London has been long awaited, especially when our police force faces mounting challenges. This presents a crucial opportunity to reduce the burden on them and enhance road safety.  If we do decide to take this forward, I am keen to keep everyone informed and involved in the changes.”

Recommendations to apply for the new powers to enforce moving traffic offences will be made at a Transport Decision Meeting on 10 August, and if agreed, consultation will commence shortly after.