Residents and visitors to Portsmouth can now enjoy an expanded range of cycling options, with the introduction of rental pedal and electric bikes to additional locations this summer, as plans for continued development of the Beryl Bikes by Breeze scheme is proposed.   

Solent Transport and Portsmouth City Council, in collaboration with Beryl, are helping transform the way people travel around the region by providing ways to make cleaner, greener, and more sustainable transport choices as part of the Solent Future Transport Zone. 

At the upcoming transport decision meeting, an update on the scheme’s progress since its launch will be presented, as well as recommendations for any future expansion of the scheme. This aims to ensure a well-managed development that complements other transport initiatives in the city, such as rental e-scooters, the Bus Service Improvement Plan, and the car club scheme. 

Since launch in October 2022 in the city centre, the scheme has gained an impressive following with over 4,108 active users embracing the freedom and convenience of rental bikes, collectively covering over 44,000 kilometres. On average, riders travelled a distance of 2.25 kilometres (1.4 miles) per ride, promoting cleaner and greener travel while incorporating fitness and wellness into their daily routines. 

The scheme has been expanding to provide bikes in all areas of the city and by the end of the summer there will be approximately 360 bikes spread across approximately 90 bays within Portsmouth.  

Residents and visitors can easily rent pedal or electric bikes through the user-friendly Breeze app, developed by Portsmouth City Council and Solent Transport. Additionally, the app offers the convenience of planning journeys on a variety of public transport, checking live status of bus services and renting e-scooters, all in one place. 

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Cabinet Member for Transport, said:  

“By providing residents and visitors with alternatives to driving a car, I hope to encourage greener commuting, resulting in a more vibrant and environmentally friendly city with reduced air pollution and congestion.  I eagerly anticipate discussing the future strategy at my decision meeting.” 

Cllr Phil Jordan, Deputy Chair of Solent Transport’s Joint Committee said:  

“As councillors across Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight, we are rightfully proud of how the Solent Transport partnership of local authorities is delivering sustainable transport options for residents and visitors. The expansion of Beryl Bikes by Breeze makes it even easier for people to choose to travel on a cleaner and greener vehicle that reduces congestion on our road network.”   

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Beryl Bike at Portsmouth Hard Interchange