People in Portsmouth can develop safer rental e-scooter skills at a free safety training event on Saturday 22 July at Guildhall Square.

Only Voi rental e- scooters are legal in Portsmouth, so people will have the opportunity to pick up tips and training on how to use them safely in the city at this Safe Riding Skills event.

All privately owned e-scooters are illegal, and the council have asked Hampshire Police to confiscate them from riders when they see them. People are also not allowed to ride the rental e-scooters on the pavement, or on the promenade at the seafront.

A series of 90-minute safety sessions will take place on Saturday 22 July at Guildhall Square from 9.30am to 3.30pm. The sessions aim to equip riders with the necessary knowledge to navigate the city on Voi rental e-scooters, enabling a safer and enjoyable experience.

People who attend the sessions will gain a comprehensive understanding of how to ride a rental e-scooter safely and the rules around their use. Each attendee will also be given a complimentary helmet worth £35 to enhance their safety during rides.

Participants will receive a day pass that gives them unrestricted access to rental e-scooters for the duration of the session and throughout the remainder of the day, as well as 15 minutes free riding time which can be redeemed at a later date.

Everyone who attends the sessions will be able to hone their riding techniques under the guidance of Voi’s expert instructors, and all participants will be able to ask any questions about rental e-scooter safety.

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Cabinet Member for Transport said:

“I’m pleased to see safety events, like the one on 22 July organised by Voi. I hope that this will help people learn to ride the rental e-scooters safely and with confidence, as well as give them the chance to ask the experts any questions they may have.

People have told me that some people ride e-scooters dangerously, such as riding on the pavement, riding underage or being used by two people at a time. It’s also illegal to ride privately owned scooters except on private land with the landowner’s permission, so this Safe Riding Skills session will remind people of the rules that need to be followed to use the rental e-scooters safely.”

To register for a Safe Riding Skills session, please visit

A series of Safe Riding Skills webinars are also available at for people who can’t attend the in-person sessions. By completing the webinar, participants will receive 30 free minutes on a rental e-scooter, to reward their commitment to safe riding practices.

It is important to note that people must be 18 years or older and possess at least a provisional driving license to use a Voi rental e-scooter. Riders are required to scan their driving license through the Voi app before being able to unlock one, and it is illegal to share a Voi account. Riding is permitted only on roads or cycle paths within the city, and only one person can ride a rental e-scooter at a time. Instances of dangerous riding can be reported at