Portsmouth gears up to launch an expanded car club scheme for the city. Designed to provide drivers with flexible and affordable car options, this car club, run by Enterprise, is set to help revolutionise the way residents travel.  

Inspired by the success of similar Car Clubs across the country, the Enterprise Car Club offers a wallet-friendly alternative for individuals who occasionally need a vehicle but prefer not to own one. With a simple tap on their smartphone app, members can unlock and rent cars for short periods, whether it’s for a quick trip or a full day of exploration. And for those without smartphones, their friendly customer services team is ready to assist, ensuring everyone can enjoy the multitude of benefits offered by the car club.  

To prepare for launch, recommendations will be presented at the upcoming Transport decision meeting. These recommendations propose the creation of eight designated parking bays exclusively for Car Club vehicles under Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) in four wards: Central Southsea, Eastney and Craneswater, St Jude and St Thomas. Two vehicles will also be located at Lakeside North Harbour, building on Car Club vehicles already available in Fratton and Southsea.   

To make the car club a success, locations were chosen where the highest number of people said they were likely to join the club if it was offered near them in a 2021 survey. Two cars will be available in each area when the scheme launches, and the number of cars available, as well as the areas of the city that are covered, may be expanded in the future if the scheme is successful.  

Research from other areas with car clubs shows that an estimated 20 private cars are replaced by each car club vehicle used, meaning that over time this scheme will lead to more parking spaces being available for people who need them.   

All rental cars provided by the Enterprise Car Club come fully equipped with an MOT, insurance, breakdown cover, and cleaning services, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish. There is an annual membership fee and hire fees start at just £6.70 per hour, the payment options cater to everyone’s needs, making the Enterprise Car Club accessible and budget friendly.  

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson, Cabinet Member for Transport, shared his excitement, stating, “There will be an affordable introductory fee of only £20 per for the first year which also comes with £20 worth of driving credit for free, instead of the standard £60 annual membership fee.  

“This car club builds on the work we’re doing to offer Beryl rental bicycles and Voi rental e-scooters, and expands the options people have available to decrease the reliance on personal vehicle ownership. This should help lead to a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone in Portsmouth and I look forward to discussing where the vehicles will be located next week.”  

A report on recommendations for the location of parking bays will be taken to the Transport public decision meeting scheduled for 7 July.