Residents have shown their support for design plans for Bransbury Park leisure centre in our survey in March. The survey results can be seen here: Bransbury Park Designs Consultation – Your City, Your Say survey research (

We had 869 responses to our survey and most of the respondents live in PO4, the same postcode district as Bransbury Park.

The results of the survey are positive, with most respondents saying that they like each element of the site plans, particularly the retained green space and gardens and re-provision of the free to use external courts.

Residents also like the extended parking facilities; artist’s impression and that accessibility has been considered.

The two proposed layout options (with or without GP surgery) were liked equally by 64% of respondents, however, 46% liked the layout with GP surgery ‘a lot’, compared to 34% liking the options without a GP surgery ‘a lot’. Whilst there is good support for the GP surgery, many people felt that it should be separate to the leisure centre or have a separate entrance.

Following the feedback from residents, architects are updating the design plans before they go to planning in the autumn.

Cllr Steve Pitt, Leader of Portsmouth City Council with responsibility for Leisure, said: “This type of consultation with our residents is important, to ensure that the plans that we take to planning are in line with what the community has said it wants.

“Positively, our residents liked most elements of our plans, however, we’re updating the plans slightly, to take on board comments such as the size and location of the children’s playground.

“We’ll continue to listen to residents to ensure that we provide the facilities that they want at Bransbury Park, as well as work with the NHS around the possibility of providing a GP surgery as part of the development, to strengthen communities and to support greener, healthier, and happier living.”