Green roofed bus shelters are set to come to Portsmouth, after the council places an order for 15, which will create a network of ‘bee-bus stops’ across the city.

Portsmouth City Council is making space for nature, and tackling the climate crisis in one, with a host of green bus shelters planned throughout Portsmouth. Plants and flowers will be planted on the top of bus shelters, to create green living roofs which are great for insects. In recent years insect numbers have dropped sharply, and these bus stops will provide much needed islands of nature throughout the cityscape, designed to support pollinating insects and enhance local biodiversity.

Local and low maintenance plants, like wildflowers and sedum will be selected to live atop the bus stops, and Clear Channel, who look after Portsmouth’s bus stops, will be responsible for their up-keep.

Portsmouth residents can expect to see these shelters popping up from late September 2023. Sites have been selected around the city with sunlight and other factors in mind.

Cllr Lynne Stagg, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation, said:

“I am proud that Portsmouth City Council have placed their first order for living roof bus shelters. I have heard a lot of feedback from Portsmouth’s residents who really want to see this change across the city, and this is the exciting first step.

Whilst these bus stops are beneficial for the environment, they also look marvellous, creating a beautiful environment in the most unexpected places. I cannot wait to see them in place”.

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