Portsmouth City Council has received additional levelling-up funding from the government for artists to get creative on the 80-metre-long hoarding at Hilsea Lido, as part of the Hilsea Lines project.

As part of this piece of work, World-renowned street artist My Dog Sighs will repaint his popular ‘eyes’ artwork on the lido wall, in collaboration with Portsmouth-based street artist Fark, whose art focuses on spreading positivity.

Through the Corner Collective, the pair has also helped the council enlist more than 10 other local artists to get involved with this exciting project, to offer a diverse range of art styles, from whimsical figures, graffiti-style, and images that reflect the sea and the nautical nature of our city.

Each of the artists will create their own style of art on the hoardings, to collectively represent levelling-up, the city of Portsmouth, and the different elements of the Hilsea Lines project, which includes Hilsea Lido, Foxes Forest and enhancing walking and cycling routes in the north of the city.

Additionally, there are four boards with levelling up, PCC, Hilsea Lines and Hilsea Lido branding on the hoarding, to provide updates on the project in the future.

The painting of the hoardings will take place from Friday to Sunday (24-26 Feb).

The wide footpath will remain open during this time; however, we apologise for any disruption or inconvenience caused in the creation of this 80-metre-long wall of art.

Cllr Steve Pitt, Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure, and Economic Development said: “We’re grateful for the additional funding from the levelling-up fund to make the hoarding at Hilsea Lido a showcase of art to reflect the redevelopment in our city.

“It’s very exciting to have so many local artists involved in this ambitious project, which we hope brightens up the popular footpath at Hilsea Lines. The artwork will be able to be seen from the motorway, as a symbol of the exciting changes that are happening in our great waterfront city.”

Sabrina Richards, Chair of the Hilsea Lido Trustees, said: “Hilsea Lido has previously embraced street art and engagement with Portsmouth’s artistic community.  I’m delighted that there will be a continuation of this initiative with the creation of vibrant artwork on the hoardings, outside of the lido, which is at the heart of the Hilsea Lines redevelopment project.”

The levelling-up funding was a joint bid, with the International Port, to transform Portsmouth’s visitor economy. The council received £8.75m levelling up funding from the government for the Hilsea Lines area, with Hilsea Lido at the heart of the redevelopment. We’re also creating more accessible and better-connected woodland and green space around Hilsea Lines, to create a visitor attraction that promotes health and wellbeing for everyone to enjoy.