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A list of ways to help Portsmouth residents in need has been compiled for those looking to support their community through the cost of living crisis this Christmas.

The helping others information can be found at It contains information on several ways to help others in Portsmouth, whether that’s financially through a donation, by volunteering or giving food, toiletries or other items.

Marcus & Liz, from Southsea, are donating their £400 energy rebate to their local food bank. They said: “The fuel price increase will impact us, but so many others will be more affected by the increased cost of living. We believe that this money should be redirected, where possible, to those who really need it. For some people, a food parcel is going to be a lifeline for them and their family. We searched online and found our local food bank at King’s Church.”

Of the decision to donate, they said: “This is an exceptional circumstance. The cost of living is rising quickly, and people are suffering financially through no fault of their own. Individuals will know whether the £400 rebate is going to be meaningful for them. If those who are able choose to donate, even a small amount of their rebate, there’s a lot of people who could very quickly make a real difference in Portsmouth.”

Cllr Suzy Horton, Deputy Group Leader; Cabinet Member for Children, Families & Education said: “At this time of year especially, it’s great seeing the residents of Portsmouth come together to help each other. Our helping others webpage includes information on where to donate, as well as other non-financial ways to support others such as donating unneeded clothes, prams and cots to the Baby Basics bank.”

For more ideas on how to help others, follow Portsmouth City Council on Facebook at The council will be counting down the 12 days to Christmas with more ways to support the community in Portsmouth.

Portsmouth residents who are struggling can find help and advice at the council’s cost of living online support hub at Residents who are not online, or who prefer to speak to someone, can call a new dedicated cost of living helpline on 023 9284 1047 and the council’s friendly customer service team will help.