Residents are being encouraged to share their views on new cycle parking found at two sites in Southsea.

Following requests from the local community for cycle parking on Marmion Road and near Southsea Beach Café, Portsmouth City Council installed a new type of cycle parking, called a bicycle Corral, at these two locations. Bicycle Corrals provide space for six bicycles to park and take up less than one car parking space.

The council is now asking residents that live or work in the area and who use the bike corrals to share how they use them and to suggest other areas of the city where the corrals would be useful.

The bike Corrals support the council’s goals to encourage more people to visit Southsea’s shops, dining, and leisure facilities using a greener form of transport. They provide more secure cycle parking, which is easily accessible, for people who live, work, and visit the area. If more people swap their car journey for cycling it can help reduce traffic congestion, noise, and create cleaner air for everyone.

Cllr Lynne Stagg, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation, said:

“By creating new cycle parking at these key locations on Marmion Road and outside Southsea Beach Café we are making it easier for people to choose cycling instead of using their car for work, fun and shopping.

“By filling in our survey we will get a better understanding of how people use this cycle parking, and if and where they would like to see more bike Corrals across the city. This is key to the decision-making process on the scheme, so your views really count.”

Local business owner, Charlotte Cornelius, said:

“The cycle Corral has made a real difference to our team, enabling us to cycle to work and leave our bikes in a safe location as none of the shops here have any outside space. We campaigned for the cycle Corral and worked with the council to gather business and resident support for their scheme.

“We have found that it has created a more open feel to our end of Marmion Road. Many people, both visitors and other local businesses use the cycle Corral, and we get a thrill when we see it full!”

The survey is open from 11 November until 3 March 2023. Once the results have been analysed, the council may consider extending the scheme depending on the views found in the survey. If people are supportive of the bike corrals Portsmouth City Council would seek further feedback before adding them to a new area.

Take part in the survey here. Find out more about the scheme here.