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Portsmouth City Council has today launched a new online cost of living hub and helpline to support residents who are struggling financially. 

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The online support hub is a one-stop source for all cost of living advice, and can be found at

The hub contains advice and support on variety of topics:

  • Food and essentials – information on food banks, community pantries and larders, free school uniforms, and help with home goods repairs
  • Energy and bills – for people who are struggling to pay utilities and other household expenses
  • Money and debt – ways to save money and tackle debt
  • Health and wellbeing – mental health support and advice on keeping healthy on a budget
  • Skills and employment – ways to increase income and ensure people are being paid fairly
  • Low-cost travel in and out of the city, and budget-friendly activities in Portsmouth

Residents who are not online, or who prefer to speak to someone, can call a new dedicated cost of living helpline on 023 9284 1047 and the council’s friendly customer service team will help.

The council is also distributing a cost of living support leaflet to all Portsmouth households, with lots of useful information, including details of food banks, larders and pantries in the city.

A list of warm and welcoming spaces where residents can meet others, take part in activities, get a warm drink or meal, or spend some quiet time away from home can also be found on the council’s website. The warm spaces, welcome places list can be found at or call the Hive Helpline on 023 9400 7124 and request warm spaces information.

Visit the cost of living hub at or call the dedicated cost of living helpline on 023 9284 1047.