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With prices going up across the board, more and more of us are finding it tough to make ends meet.

That’s why the council is urging local people to do a financial ‘spring clean’.

Spring officially starts on 20 March, and it’s a good time to check you’re getting all the income you should, and the best deals you can.

It also means getting the best free, confidential advice from local organisations.

Here’s the council’s guide to how to spring-clean your finances:

Keep an eye on the pennies
Try using a budget planner like this one to keep track of your income and spending.

Be sure you’re not missing out
Check you’re receiving everything you’re entitled to, with a benefits calculator like this one.

Get free, independent debt advice
If you’re struggling to afford your debt repayments, you’re not alone. Don’t be tempted to borrow more, or click on websites that sound too good to be true. Get free, independent advice that will help you understand your options and find the best solution. See our debt support guide or ring Advice Portsmouth on 023 9279 4340.

Find the best deals
Shop around to find the best deals on everything from broadband to your weekly shop. See our guide.

Save energy, save money
If you’re worried by increases in your electricity and gas bills, Switched On Portsmouth are here to help. Find out more or call them on 0800 260 5907.

There’s more advice and tips on where to get support on the council’s money advice page.

Cllr Councillor Chris Attwell, the council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Central Services, said: “We can all  see prices going up, and it’s causing a lot of worry. We’re encouraging everyone to make sure they’re receiving everything they’re entitled to, cut their costs and get into an affordable payment plan for their debts.

“There’s lots of help and advice out there. We work with lots of local organisations who can support people in financial hardship. If you’re struggling to afford essentials, please get advice as soon as possible and they’ll do their best to help.”