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Portsmouth City Council is joining members of the Empty Homes Network this week to shine a light on bringing back empty properties into use.

The Private Sector Housing team receives about 60 calls about long-term empty homes every year and can approach owners to find ways of having them re-occupied.

Cabinet Member for Housing and Preventing Homelessness, Cllr Darren Sanders, said: “A home lying empty for months on end is one less home for someone to live in. That’s why the Council set up a team that can stop that happening.

“So, if you know of any such home, please get in touch with us and help someone get a home.”

What is an empty property and what problems do they cause?

In Portsmouth, an empty residential property is one that has not been lived in for more than six months.

An empty property can:

  • Attract anti-social behaviour
  • Cause problems from gardens becoming overgrown
  • Allow free movement for pests
  • Be a haven for fly-tipping
  • Cause disrepair to attached properties on party walls.

If you would like to report an empty property to us follow this link: Report an empty property – Portsmouth City Council – Introduction – My Portsmouth

To find out more about the help that is available for owners of empty properties follow this link: Empty Private Residential Properties – Portsmouth City Council