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2021 Food waste trial - Cllr Ashmore Cllr Barrett
A further 5,500 homes to be included in the food waste collection trial to help Portsmouth become a more sustainable city.

5,500 additional homes have been added to the food waste trial, currently in its fourth phase in Portsmouth. Around 55,000 households – more than two-thirds of the city – are now participating in the food waste trial.

Deliveries of food caddies to additional homes in the food waste trial began last week and collections this week from Monday 6 December. Food waste will be collected weekly on the same day as the rubbish collection.

An introduction letter with two food caddies, as well as an information booklet and one roll of complimentary, compostable liners have been delivered to the additional homes.

During the trial, people in selected areas are putting food scraps into kitchen caddies. The waste is recycled and turned into fuel and fertiliser instead of being incinerated and energy being recovered.

Cllr Dave Ashmore, the council’s Cabinet Member for Environment & Climate Change, said:

“Portsmouth’s food waste trial has been going from strength to strength. Residents are continually asking us when they’re getting theirs, so we’re thrilled to add even more households to the trial.

“Collectively, since the start of the trial in September 2019, we have sent over 3,000 tonnes of food waste to recycling. Residents’ efforts to recycling has been extremely positive and we are committed to do whatever we can to reduce waste and recycle more.”

Cllr Kimberly Barrett, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and the Green Recovery at the council said:

“We know recycling is a big issue locally and nationally, and residents are always asking us to do more. Food waste is where we can make a really big difference, as it’s food waste that makes up a huge amount – up to 40% – of a lot of people’s weekly rubbish collection.

“Food waste feeds climate change and we are now looking at ways to help residents not only recycle their food waste, but reduce it, too. We look forward to sharing our top tips with residents in their efforts to reduce their impact on the environment.

“Thanks to the Portsmouth communities for taking part.”

Since the trial began in September 2019, over 3,000 tonnes of waste – the equivalent of about 26 blue whales – have been diverted to food waste recycling.

The expansion of the food waste collection was part of the council’s 2021/22 capital budget spending plans which can only be spent on fixed projects like buildings and facilities, rather than the day-to-day running of council services.

Read more about the food waste trial.

See full list of roads participating in the food waste trial. The list of additional roads in food waste trial expansion is below (sorted by bin collection day, in alphabetical order):

Monday – Drayton

  • Buttermilk Close
  • Chalk Way
  • Paddock Close, Parlour Way


Tuesday – North End & Copnor

  • Ophir Road, Oriel Road
  • Shadwell Road
  • Wadham Road


Tuesday – Stamshaw/Hilsea

  • Cunningham Avenue, Cunningham Close
  • Hilsea Crescent, Horsea Road, Howard Road
  • Iachino Avenue
  • North Avenue
  • South Avenue
  • Vita Road


Wednesday – Southsea

  • Albany Road
  • Cavendish Road
  • Hereford Road, Hillborough Crescent
  • Marmion Avenue, Marmion Road, Merton Road
  • Nelson Road
  • Ormsby Road
  • Stafford Road
  • Wilton Place, Wilton Terrace


Wednesday – Eastney

  • Alhambra Road
  • Chewter Close, Clarendon Road (89-135;96-136)
  • Eastern Villas Road
  • Furness Road
  • Granada Road
  • Kirkstall Road
  • Mansion Road
  • Rostrevor Lane
  • St Helens Parade


Thursday – Fratton

  • Adames Road
  • Barnes Road, Brookfield Road, Byerley Road
  • Clarkes Road, Clive Road, Cuthbert Road
  • Ethel Road
  • Guildford Road (1-107;2-134)
  • Liverpool Road, Lower Brookfield Road
  • Manchester Road, Moorland Road
  • Newcome Road
  • Renny Road
  • Samuel Road
  • Trafalgar Place
  • Walmer Road


Thursday – Milton

  • Clovelly Road
  • Essex Road, Evans Road
  • Middlesex Road
  • Prince Albert Road (whole road now so remove ‘(41-134 Highland Road to Devonshire Avenue)’)
  • Suffolk Road
  • Teddington Road
  • Wimborne Road, Woodmancote Road


Friday – Baffins

  • Collis Road, Coniston Avenue, Copnor Road (1-205; 2-222)
  • Kendal Avenue, Keswick Avenue
  • Manor Park Avenue, Moneyfield Lane
  • Stapleton Road, Station Road


Friday – Cosham

  • Chatsworth Avenue
  • Dovercourt Road
  • Hawthorn Crescent, Highbury Grove, Highbury Way
  • Portsmouth Road
  • Windsor Road


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