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Deadline for feedback - Sunday 31 October 2021

Portsmouth residents, workers and visitors have until Sunday 31 October to give their feedback on Portsmouth City Council’s draft local plan.

The Portsmouth Local Plan is a plan for the whole city for the next fifteen years. It sets out where new homes can be built, opportunities for local jobs and the facilities needed, and how to protect the environment and deliver high-quality spaces.

The council have opened a virtual consultation room to the public. The plan has been split into topics to make it easier for people to view the areas they are interested in and provide feedback as they work their way around the virtual room. The room can be revisited multiple times to look at the different sections of the plan and give feedback.

Three public drop in events were recently held for residents who wanted to give their feedback in person. If you are not online and have missed the events, you can review a hard copy of the consultation document and complete a feedback form at the Portsmouth City Council, Civic Offices, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth.

Councillor Hugh Mason, Cabinet Member for Planning Policy & City Development, said: “The Government is forcing the council to plan to build an extra 17,700 new houses in Portsmouth over the next 15 years. This is far too many in an island city, but the Government have rejected our request to have a more realistic housing target. There is also the need to plan for the creation of new employment opportunities for people living in the city.

“Please take the time before the end of the month to visit the virtual consultation room and give your feedback on any areas that are of interest to you. I look forward to seeing all the comments and ideas which this consultation will produce.”

Following the consultation, the council will make any necessary changes to the plan and then publish for a final consultation. It will then be submitted to Government where a Planning Inspector will be appointed to assess the plan at public hearing sessions. Once approved, it will become the definitive plan for Portsmouth for the next 15 years.

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