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Work is underway to investigate what a 'transport hub' could look like in Cosham.

Transport hubs create more seamless journey experiences, offering a variety of facilities in the area, such as delivery lockers and toilets, around existing stations and bus terminals. They also provide more options for continuing journeys with electric vehicle charge points and bike or e-scooter hire. Developing hubs that are tailored to the location has proven successful in a variety of locations, resulting in increased accessibility while also contributing to a more sustainable transport system and greener environment.

As a first step, Solent Transport have commissioned consultants, Steer, to undertake feasibility studies into transport hubs for Hampshire, including Cosham, within the Portsmouth boundary. This initial activity is funded by National Highways (previously Highways England).

Portsmouth City Council is working in partnership to develop this feasibility study alongside existing activities, including the Bus Service Improvement Plan, which is due to be released shortly, and South East Hampshire Rapid Transit (SEHRT) schemes. The SEHRT schemes would complement this activity by helping to increase the reliability of bus times and prioritise bus travel.

The team developing the feasibility study has already sought views from key stakeholders including ward councillors, interest groups and operators. This week and early next week a team of council officers will be in Cosham speaking to passers-by and local businesses to gain a better understanding of how people travel to and from the area at the moment, as well as how this could be improved.

Cllr Lynne Stagg, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation and Acting Chair of Solent Transport’s Joint Committee, said “It’s essential to listen to people’s views right from the feasibility stage of projects, which is why we have a team out talking to people over the next few days in Cosham. If this project develops beyond a feasibility study, we will be asking for your feedback and will work in partnership with travel operators to develop Cosham’s travel hub in a way that will support the local economy and provide local residents and people travelling to and through the area with quick and easy travel connections.”

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