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Residents across Portsmouth are being asked for their views on a new scheme that could save drivers money and give them access to a car without owning one

Car clubs are already run successfully in other cities across the UK, and the council would like to understand residents’ views on establishing one in the city.

Car clubs can save members money by giving them access to a shared low-emission vehicle when it is needed, meaning people could also consider getting rid of their second car and save money.

Cllr Lynne Stagg, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation, said: “A car club is one of a number of schemes we are considering as we work to develop cleaner air in the city, and we want to understand if residents feel this would be a useful addition.

“With the rise in people working from home, or commuting less frequently, we understand there are cars across the city that aren’t being used the way they used to be. Maybe you go to the office less frequently and walk or take public transport most of the time, but still need to use a car sometimes. You may find that you save money using a car club to go shopping, travel to work, or take a trip to see family, and you get to be part of the climate change solution at the same time.”

Other ways that the council is looking at reducing air pollution and making the city’s air cleaner and safer to breathe include the government-mandated Clean Air Zone, which is being introduced from November 2021. The council is also looking at a range of other ways residents can make a difference in the city, including adding more electric car charging points in residential streets, and encouraging people to use alternative forms of transport including public transport and rental e-scooters.

The survey runs until October 11. For more information and to share your views visit