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A year ago Portsmouth residents were invited to take part in a citywide community harvest.

This was an opportunity to reflect on our experiences of lockdown and, as a sign of thanks for all the support and care received, to donate food or money to support food banks and other charities and agencies who provide food to those on the margins.

The harvest appeal is running again this year, from 5 September to 3 October.

Everyone who is able is to is encouraged to support the community harvest by donating items of food (preferably tinned, packets or dried food). These will then be shared with the local food banks, pantries and larders in the community who provide meals and support to those who experience food poverty.

Donations will help to ensure that these food providers have sufficient funds and stock to carry them through the winter months.

Currently items can be donated at St Mary’s Church, Fratton (any day between 9am and noon) and most other Church of England churches in the city – please check with your local church if they are participating and for drop off times. You can also donate directly to foodbanks, pantries and larders.