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Asymptomatic test kits - to check for coronavirus when you do not have symptoms - can now be collected from Portsmouth City Council's Guildhall community test site by all households which include children who attend nursery, school or college.

Those who need to collect their free, twice-weekly asymptomatic home test kits can now simply turn up between 8am-8pm and collect packs of home tests kits for all adults in the household. Adults in the households’ childcare and support bubbles are also eligible for free home tests kits.

Helen Atkinson, Director of Public Health Portsmouth City Council says: “As we follow the roadmap out of the national lockdown, testing is one of the vital tools we have – testing if you have symptoms, and testing if you don’t.

“One in three of those who catch the virus don’t develop symptoms and so can unknowingly spread the virus. In Portsmouth, we now have access to free asymptomatic testing, so adults in a household with children and young people should collect their home test kits to help protect themselves, their families and friends and the wider community. ‘Community Collect’ testing will help keep the city’s infection rate down and allow our nurseries, schools and colleges to stay open to all pupils and students.”

Asymptomatic home test kits are also available at the Eldon Road  local  test site and the Northarbour Road local test site between 1.30pm-7pm. Residents can find their nearest home test kit collection site by visiting

There is no need to book ahead of collecting test kits, and ID is not needed, although proof of age may be requested as the tests are for those in eligible households over the age of 18.

Supervised asymptomatic testing is already available at the Guildhall for anyone not part of a national testing programme who needs to leave home, either by booking an appointment online, or attending when convenient.

Helen Atkinson continues: “Since opening the City Council’s asymptomatic community test site on 17 February, people who need to leave home during lockdown have taken up the offer of free supervised testing. It now makes sense to offer home test kits for collection from the same site to those currently eligible. Along with home test kit collection services at both the Eldon Road and Northarbour symptomatic test sites, offering collection at the Council’s community test site will give greater accessibility.

“I’m pleased to say we have secured funding to extend our supervised community testing offer until the end of June. And we have capacity to test more people who currently need to leave home, including anyone whose employer hasn’t yet set up their own workplace asymptomatic testing programme.”

Business sign-up deadline draws near

Portsmouth businesses have until 31 March to register to operate a workplace asymptomatic test programme – even if they’re not yet open or are not able to start using the tests straight away. The tests use rapid lateral flow device tests, under supervision at the workplace, and can give a result in 30 minutes.

Asymptomatic testing is currently available free of charge to business until the end of June, and helps ensure staff who catch the virus but don’t develop symptoms can be identified to self-isolate quickly keeping the rest of the workforce and your clients safe from infection.

Notes to editors

Asymptomatic tests are not for use with primary school aged or younger children. Secondary school children can collect their asymptomatic test kits from school. Parents and school communities can find out more about asymptomatic testing here:

For information about asymptomatic community testing in Portsmouth, visit our website:

No-symptom coronavirus community testing options

  • Book a coronavirus no-symptom test appointment test online at the Guildhall
  • Collect free no-symptom home test kits locally – find collection sites online
  • Or order 1 pack of 7 home test kits online for home delivery within 2 days.

Asymptomatic tests are not for use for anyone who has coronavirus symptoms. If you have symptoms of coronavirus, isolate immediately and book a coronavirus PCR test online