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Five junctions in Portsmouth could be made safer for residents if recommendations are approved at the Traffic and Transportation decision meeting next week

Portsmouth City Council carries out reviews of the city’s roads, foot paths and cycle paths as part of the Local Transport Plan to make travel safer and accessible to all. When residents and ward councillors share concerns about safety issues or areas of concern, these are flagged through the regular review of incident data and a review of the area is carried out. Areas of concern are then prioritised based on the funding available to make improvements.

At the Traffic and Transportation decision meeting, changes to junctions which will reduce speed are being recommended. Improvements to two routes to schools are also being considered.

If approved, new ‘give way’ and crossing ahead signage would be added at the junction of Dysart, Mansvid and Tredegar Avenue as there have been four incidents in this area where drivers have failed to give way as they enter the junction. A speed survey showed that on average people were driving above the speed limit of 20mph.

The recommendations also include making the surfacing anti-skid next to the pedestrian crossing on Havant Road at the junction with Farlington Avenue. A number of near misses have been reported and there was one serious incident in 2019.

The final junction proposed as part of the speed reduction improvements is on Castle Road between Kings Road and Hambrook Road.  A recent survey showed people on average travelling above the 20mph speed limit, reaching speeds of 39 mph. The recommendation is to add two speed humps to slow traffic and improve safety in this area.

As part of the safer routes to school improvements, it is proposed that the junction of Mayfield Road and Kensington Road is changed to make it safer for children and parents walking to Mayfield School. The review of the junction identified a number of risks including poor visibility due to parked vehicles and a lack of space for pedestrians. To address this, proposed improvements include widening the pavements, creating additional dropped kerbs and safe crossing points, appointing a new school crossing patroller and reducing the opportunities for vehicles to park directly outside the school.

Further to this there is funding for one further school route improvement and at the meeting it will be decided which of the three proposed school improvements will be funded. The location of these possible improvements are on Moorlands Road, at the junction of Warren Avenue and Moorings Way and on Havant Road. Those not funded in this budget will be carried forward for delivery in 2022/23.

Cllr Lynne Stagg, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation, said “Everyone wants to arrive at their destination safely and an important part of the work that is carried out by the council is prioritising roads for safety improvements. I look forward to discussing the latest speed reduction recommendations at the decision meeting.”

The Traffic and Transportation meeting will take place on 25 February 2021.