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Residents, businesses, shoppers and people travelling through Elm Grove and Kings Road are being encouraged to share their views on the trial cycle lanes.

Following significant engagement on the proposals the decision was made to install the scheme that Portsmouth City Council completed work on today.

Elm Grove and Kings Road are key routes in the city where the council has intended to make improvements for cyclists for some time. This is part of its strategy to encourage more walking and cycling. The opportunity to introduce the cycle lanes has arisen through the government’s Emergency Active Travel Fund. This funding can be used to make improvements which help people travel in alternative ways during the pandemic.

The cycle lanes are separated from other traffic by plastic bollards, providing extra protection for cyclists. They aim to encourage those who have recently taken up cycling to continue and provide another safer travel route for cycling during this second lockdown.

The council is very concerned that bollards are being removed and this appears to be a deliberate act. At this time no legal action will be taken. However, people need to be aware this is a criminal offence that is being monitored by CCTV. Removing the bollards also puts the safety of cyclists at risk.

Councillor Lynne Stagg, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation, said “The trial of cycle lanes along these roads will help us learn more about how a segregated cycle scheme operates, not just on paper but in real life in both a shopping and residential area. We appreciate that some are worried this trial is too short but we need to balance this with the concerns of businesses.

“To assess the impact of this trial, it is important the bollards remain in place so we can get an accurate idea of how they are affecting things like deliveries, bus journeys and people cycling.

“Please share your views in the online survey to help us review the scheme in three weeks. We will write to everyone in the area to make sure they have an opportunity to share their views.”

The review will take place following the three-week trial. This will take into account that this has taken place during the second lockdown. For more information and to take part in the survey visit People can also share their views by emailing