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Bad weather has delayed work to install segregated cycle lanes on Elm Grove and Kings Road but the trial of the routes is still on track to be completed during November.

Dry weather is needed to install the bollards separating the cycle lane and the road and this work will now happen next week when the forecast looks drier.

The cycle lanes are being introduced temporarily using money from the government’s Emergency Active Travel Fund, which can be used to make improvements to help people travel in different ways during the pandemic.

They are going in for a temporary trial period following concerns from businesses may have a negative impact on them. During the trial the council will collect views and feedback to see what effect the cycle lanes have.

A decision on whether the cycle lanes stay at the end of November. If the trial is not successful the segregated cycle lanes will be removed in early December. If there is clear evidence that the trial is proving successful and the initial concerns of local businesses are being overcome, then the trial period may continue and the cycle lanes retained for a longer period.

Cllr Lynne Stagg, the council’s Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation, said: “The bad weather has stopped us putting the cycle lanes in this week but we’ll get them in place as quickly as possible and the trial will still happen this month. Once they’re in place we’ll start getting views on how well it works for everyone and that will help us decide whether they stay longer-term.”

More information on the plans can be seen on the Elm Grove and Kings Road cycle lane project’s webpage.