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A further 10,000 homes will be included in the food waste collection trial in Portsmouth, building on the success of the first part of the trial which began on 16 September 2019.

Deliveries of food caddies to additional homes in the food waste trial began this week and collections will begin from 28 September. Food waste will be collected weekly on the same day as the rubbish collection.

Homes in roads that are chosen to be part of the trial will have received an introduction letter with two food caddies, as well as an information booklet and one roll of complimentary liners.

During the trial, people in selected areas are putting waste food into kitchen caddies. Instead of being incinerated and energy being recovered, the waste is recycled and turned into fuel and fertiliser. To date, around 60% of households in the trial areas taking part each week.

In addition to the existing homes in the trial, the 10,000 households in the trial expansion will cover greater areas across Wymering, Paulsgrove, Charles Dickens, Buckland, Southsea and Milton.

Cllr Dave Ashmore, the council’s Cabinet Member for Environment & Climate Change, said:

Portsmouth’s food waste trial has had fantastic results over the past year. I’m delighted we’re more than doubling the number of homes involved, just in time for Recycle Week next week.

We’ve seen an impressive collective effort in recycling across Portsmouth, with 774 tonnes of food waste sent to recycling. That’s as much as the weight of 7.5 blue whales. The residents’ commitment to recycling has been extremely positive and hope to build on this with the expansion of the food waste trial. We are committed to do whatever we can to reduce waste and recycle more.

Recycling is a big issue locally and nationally, residents are always asking us to do more and food waste is where we can make a really big difference, as it’s food waste that makes up a huge amount of a lot of people’s weekly rubbish collection (40%). I am excited to see the results of the expanded food waste trial. Thanks to the Portsmouth communities for doing such a great job.

Homes in the trial are supplied with a five-litre caddy for indoor use, a 23-litre caddy for the collection and one roll of fully compostable caddy liners free of charge. Using liners inside the caddy is not compulsory; residents can line the caddy with newspaper, or purchase 100% compostable liners from most major supermarkets.

Over 8,000 households participated in the first part of the food waste trial across Drayton, Old Portsmouth, Portsea, Southsea, Milton and Baffins. Since the trial began, 774 tonnes of waste has been diverted to food waste recycling, meaning nearly 20 per cent of black bag refuse for the trial areas is now being recycled.

The expansion of the food waste trial was part of the council’s capital budget spending plans which can only be spent on fixed projects like buildings and facilities, rather than the day-to-day running of council services. The proposal was first announced in January 2020 and approved in February 2020.

Read more about the food waste trial.

List of additional roads in food waste trial expansion (sorted by bin collection day, in alphabetical order):

Monday – Wymering/Paulsgrove                                                                            

  • Abbeydore Road, Arran Close, Ashford Road
  • Boston Road, Braintree Road, Bromyard Crescent
  • Chatham Close, Clacton Road, Colchester Road, Credenhill Road, Cromer Road
  • Dame Judith Way, Deal Road, Dersingham Close
  • Fairfield Square, Fitzpatrick Court
  • Hadleigh Road, Harleston Road,       Harwich Road, Holbeach Close, Hythe Road
  • Islay Gardens
  • Jura Close
  • Kenchester Close, Kingsland Close, Kintyre Road
  • Lowestoft Road
  • Mablethorpe Road, Maidstone Crescent, Maldon Road, Meadowsweet Way, Mellor Close
  • Norwich Road
  • Orkney Road
  • Peterborough Road
  • Rapson Close, Rochford Road
  • Sevenoaks Road, Sheringham Road, Shetland Close, Skye Close, Sudbury Road
  • Tunstall Road
  • Walford Road, Walsingham Close, Washbrook Road, Whitstable Road, Widley Cottages, Wymering Lane

Tuesday – Charles Dickens/Buckland

  • Agincourt Road, Alexandra Road, All Saints Road, All Saints Street, April Square, Arnaud Close, Arundel Street
  • Baker Street,   Bridgeside Close, Buckingham Green, Buckland Path
  • Canal Walk, Centaur Street, Charles Street, Charlotte Street, Church Path North, Church Road, Church Street, Clarence Street, Clarendon Place, Clarendon Street, Clydebank Road, Coburg Street, Commercial Road, Cornwallis Crescent, Cottage View, Crasswell Street/Durban, Cressy Road, Crown Street
  • Dickens Close, Drummond Road, Duke Crescent, Dumbarton Close
  • Edinburgh Road, Emanuel Street
  • Foster Road, Frederick Street
  • Gamble Road, Garfield Road, Garnier Street, Gladstone Place, Grafton Street
  • Hale Street North, Hale Street South, Hanway Road, Hercules Street, Hertford Place, Highfield Road, Holbrook Road
  • Jandyce Walk
  • Kilbride Path, Kilminston Close, Kingston Crescent, Kingston Road
  • Lake Road, Landport Street/Durban, Linklater Path, Little Coburg Street, Lomond Close, Longs Walk,             Lords Street, Lower Wingfield Street, Lucknow Street
  • Malins Road, Malthouse Road, Market Way, Mayo Close, Mile End Road, Milford Road
  • Nelson Road, Nessus Street, North Street, Northam Street, Northbrook Close, Nutfield Place
  • Old Commercial Road
  • Paradise Street, Princes Street
  • Railway View
  • Seymour Close, Somers Road North, Spenlow Close, St Faiths Road, Stamford Street, Staunton Street, Steerforth Close, Stirling Street, Sultan Road, Surrey Street
  • Temple Street, Timpson Road, Tottenham Road, Turner Road
  • Unicorn Road, Upper Arundel Street
  • Victoria Street, Vivash Road
  • Washington Road, Watts Road, Wingfield Street

Wednesday – Southsea

  • Bramble Road
  • Chestnut Avenue
  • Devonshire Avenue, Devonshire Square
  • Fernhurst Road, Francis Avenue, Frensham Road
  • Heidelberg Road
  • Jessie Road
  • Manners Road
  • Orchard Road
  • Percy Road
  • Shanklin Road
  • Talbot Road, Telephone Road
  • Ventnor Road

Thursday – Buckland

  • Ashling Lane, Aylesbury Road
  • Balliol Road,    Basin Street, Binsteed Road, Byron Road
  • Carnarvon Road, Cyprus Road
  • Emsworth Road
  • Havant Road
  • Jersey Road
  • Langley Road, Lynn Road
  • Malta Road
  • Paulsgrove Road, Percival Road, Pink Road, Powerscourt Road
  • Queens Road
  • St Stephens Road
  • Tennyson Road, Toronto Road
  • Whitworth Road, Winchester Road

Friday – Milton

  • Anvil Court, Atalanta Close
  • Blendworth Road, Bonchurch Road, Brasted Court
  • Catisfield Road, Chevening Court, Church View, Crofton Road, Cromarty Avenue, Curlew Path
  • Dunlin Close
  • Edenbridge Road, Edgeware Road, Euston Road
  • Gleave Close, Godwit Road
  • Hollam Road
  • Lapwing Road, Longfield Close
  • Mariners Walk, Mayflower Drive, Mayles Road, Meon Road, Milebush Road, Milton Park Avenue, Moorings Way
  • Oxted Court
  • Plover Reach, Posbrooke Road
  • Reedling Drive, Revenge Close, Riverhead Close
  • Sanderling Road, Schooner Way, Seagull Close, Shelford Road, Siskin Road, Skylark Court, Sovereign Close, Sovereign Drive, St James Place
  • Tern Walk, The Haven
  • Warren Avenue, Wayfarer Close,      Western Avenue, Whimbrel Close, Whitley Row

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