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People in Portsmouth are being asked what they think of new ideas for Southsea seafront.

The ideas are in a revised planning masterplan for the area, prepared by the council.

The refreshed masterplan has been developed after consulting with local people in 2018 and 2019. It sets out guidelines for how the seafront could be improved and preserved.

When finalised, it will be used to guide developers and help the council make decisions on proposals for the area.

Cllr Steve Pitt, Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Economic Development, said: “The seafront is a precious part of our heritage and a vital part of everyday life in the city. But there are ways it can be made even better, while preserving what we love about it.

“Some public areas are tired and need a fresh look, and other sites could benefit from new thinking. We also need to look at the opportunities created by the construction of the new sea defences.

“This draft masterplan has been put together with the help of everyone who took part in previous consultations. It will guide what happens to the area for some years to come.

“I really hope as many people as possible will take a look at the ideas.

“In particular, on Avenue de Caen there is a proposal to alter the use of a section of the road to prioritise cyclists and pedestrians. And in the area around the D-Day Stone, there are suggestions for altering the surroundings, to improve people’s experience and make access easier. Views on these ideas would be very helpful.”

The masterplan, known as the draft Seafront Masterplan Supplementary Planning Document, covers themes including:

  • climate change
  • health and wellbeing
  • heritage
  • natural environment
  • public spaces
  • transport and access
  • economy and attractions
  • development opportunities

It makes recommendations on the possible things that could happen along the seafront in order to achieve an overall vision. The vision states: “The seafront’s natural and historic assets will be protected, conserved and enhanced.  The seafront will be a beautiful, functional, sustainable and resilient place that is healthy, safe and enjoyable, and accessible to all.”

During the consultation, people will also get a chance to comment on another document, a Collaborative Enhancement Plan. This contains more ideas and suggestions for how the ambitions of the masterplan could possibly be realised.

The consultation closes on 30 October.

Find out more information and take part.

Unmanned displays at Southsea and Central libraries, based on the documents, will be open soon. For more information on these, check online, as above.