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Landlords and private renters across Portsmouth are being asked to help inform a citywide strategy to make renting privately easier and safer.

Following an initial public consultation in January 2020 which engaged with almost 850 people, a draft private rental sector strategy was developed. This set out how the council works with landlords and supports residents to make renting easier and safer.

Consultation on that strategy was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, but Portsmouth City Council is now looking to consult with anyone interested in the issues surrounding the private rental sector in Portsmouth. This information will be used to inform and develop the final strategy and subsequent action plans.

Renters and landlords are being asked to take a short survey asking about their circumstances and what their priorities are for a property.

The survey is designed to give council staff a snapshot of the city’s rental landscape and will help develop the final strategy.

The strategy will go to a public decision meeting for consideration by the Housing & Preventing Homeless Cabinet Member, Cllr Darren Sanders.

Cllr Sanders said: “More and more people are renting privately in Portsmouth. Yet many others choose not to do so. What the council is doing is going beyond the figures to see what can be done to make renting privately easier and safer.

“We were really pleased that so many people responded to the consultation earlier this year. This exercise will help the council decide precisely how to make sure that people who rent privately are supported and landlords keep their properties to the proper standards.

“It’s vital that we get the views of those who are landlords or privately renting in the city, and the information we get from this survey will help us to shape the final strategy.

“I urge anyone who would be affected by this to complete the survey.”

Residents and landlords can take the survey online at

The survey closes on Wednesday 11 November 2020.