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Residents can report overflowing bins and rubbish throughout the city, including public open spaces, through a simple online form on the council website.

The form feeds into an existing street-cleaning schedule so reported litter will either be picked up during the scheduled clean or, if the area is not due to be cleaned, a crew will be sent to clear the rubbish.

Cllr Steve Pitt, Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Economic Development at the council, said: “Since lockdown has started to ease more people are using our green spaces, which is great. But some people are leaving their rubbish behind and making the areas untidy and unpleasant for other users.

“We’ve already installed 40 general waste bins on the sea promenade, 36 new recycling bins on Southsea Common and have crews that go out daily to clean, but this tool will allow us to quickly address any other litter that is reported.”

The initiatives are all part of the council’s ‘Don’t be a din, put it in the bin’ campaign which aims to encourage visitors not to leave litter and to recycle correctly.

You can report litter via theĀ online reporting tool.