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Progressing resident parking in the city

The revised approach to residents’ parking continues this year with an update planned to the rolling programme if plans are approved at next week’s Traffic and Transportation decision meeting.

Portsmouth City Council’s rolling programme of residents’ parking zone consultations was delayed due the pandemic, however, with restrictions being eased, plans are progressing to revise the programme of activity, with some areas being removed and some areas added.

Since the programme was updated in 2019, two new Resident Parking Zones (RPZs) have been introduced. Two have been approved and implementation work is now underway. Three informal surveys have taken place and will lead to formal consultations in the coming months.

The revised programme of activity removes the “H” area workstream in nine areas, following a consultation whereby the majority of people were not in favour of the proposed HC zone.  Three areas have been added to the rolling programme where the majority of properties do not have off-road parking and roads are less able to accommodate overspill parking.  If agreed, this revised workstream would see a continuation of parking being managed within areas to the south of the city.

Overall, this updated Residents’ Parking Programme continues the rolling programme to deal with any displaced parking, and includes the new areas to be surveyed under the 2015 and 2018 programme, along with reviews of existing parking zones.

Councillor Lynne Stagg, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation, said “We know the lack of space and high number of cars lead to many people driving around looking for spaces that, although frustrating for drivers, also contributes to air pollution. I look forward to discussing the proposals to update the residents parking programme further.”