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Visitors to Southsea Common can now recycle their rubbish thanks to 36 new recycling bins being installed on the Common.

The bins are part of Portsmouth City Council’s ‘Don’t be a din, put it in the bin’ campaign to encourage visitors not to leave litter in the city’s open spaces and to recycle correctly.

There will be red-branded bins for plastic bottles and grey-branded bins for metal cans – and it’s important that visitors ensure the right litter is placed in the right bin.

Cllr Steve Pitt, Deputy Leader of the council and Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Economic Development, said: “Many people want the option to recycle litter in public spaces, which we are keen to provide, but it’s vital that people use the right bins so we don’t contaminate the waste. Placing just one piece of incorrect rubbish in the wrong bin means that the waste cannot be recycled, which unfortunately defeats the object of installing the bins.

“I’m confident that visitors to Southsea Common will use the bins and the amount of recycling will increase, meaning that the council can consider additional recycling bins across more of the city’s open spaces.”

Since lockdown restrictions have started to ease, the amount of litter left in open spaces has increased drastically – on top of a figure that was already 20% higher than this time last year.

Although council teams are tidying the city’s open spaces daily and an additional 40 general waste bins have been put out along the sea promenade, the volume of rubbish is increasing, and the council is finding that much of the rubbish – such as drinks cans and water bottles – could be recycled.

Cllr Dave Ashmore, Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate Change, said: “Installing the new recycling bins is a positive step for the city, enabling more people to recycle when they’re out and about, as well as at home. We love our city and know our residents and visitors do too, and we want to make sure our shared spaces are as tidy as they can be.”

The bins have been installed on or near the Skatepark, Castle Field, the Bandstand and the eastern side of Southsea Common. More locations will be discussed if the trial period is a success.

Additional general waste bins and BBQ bins are available on the Common, Castle Field and Canoe Lake Park where BBQs are permitted. Glass should not be placed in any of the new recycling bins so visitors should take glass home with them or recycle at dedicated glass banks in the city.

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