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We know it has always been said that our city of Portsmouth has a strong community spirit.

We have been impressed in how over the last few weeks this has been shown not just in words but in reaction to the challenges posed for our communities with COVID19.

Across the city there have been excellent examples of communities being served in a range of ways by local people.

In particular there has been a close working together of members of the voluntary and community sector and local businesses with the council and other statutory bodies such as the Portsmouth NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

The HIVE has been at the heart of this response and we wish to acknowledge the value and impact of this work and the important contribution of the HIVE and its partners.

As we begin to plan for the next steps and reflect on lessons learnt we have committed to continue to work together in partnership with local people, groups, businesses and voluntary and community organisations in a way that recognises and nurtures the strengths of individuals, families and communities and helps to build independence and self-reliance.

The first steps in this process for the HIVE and the council will be to:

  • Protect and build on the work undertaken to develop the community helpdesk
  • Acknowledge and grow the value of volunteering and acts of kindness we have seen across the city
  • Develop a new approach to supporting those who need it with food and white goods – ensuring that choice and support is provided
  • Build on our work within communities, strengthening localities and supporting business and individuals within our communities

Signed by:

Cllr Gerald Vernon Jackson, Leader of Portsmouth City Council

Father Bob White, Chair of HIVE Portsmouth

Cllr Donna Jones, Group Leader, Conservative Party

Cllr Claire Udy, Group Leader, Progressive Portsmouth People

Stephen Morgan MP, Group Leader, Labour Party