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New bus stops as lockdown eases

Portsmouth City Council has worked with the local bus operators First Bus and Stagecoach, to identify where new bus stops are needed to assist with social distancing. These will be included within bus routes from Monday 8 June as part of the emergency travel response.

The new bus stops will be for people getting off only at the following locations:

  • Unicorn Road – This will be for people going to the city centre south on First Bus services 3/7/8 and Stagecoach services 20/23/700
  • London Road/North End Junction –  This will be for people going to North End on First Bus services 3/7 and Stagecoach services 23/700

Cllr Stagg, Cabinet Member for Transport and Transportation, said: “I am pleased to see further changes being made quickly to help people travel safely. The new bus stops will help people keep two metres apart as they leave the bus in two of our busier locations as well as helping to keep the buses running on time.”

The council is reviewing all aspects of travel around Portsmouth to find improvements that can be made to create space for social distancing.

When travelling it is important to follow the government guidance to reduce the spread of coronavirus. Wash your hands regularly, cycle and walk where you can, and if travelling on public transport wear a face covering. For more information visit