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Rules around parking restrictions and dogs on beaches will start to be enforced again in Portsmouth from 1 June

Rules around parking restrictions and dogs on beaches will start to be enforced again in Portsmouth from 1 June to manage more activity in the city as government eases lockdown restrictions.

Parking enforcement was temporarily suspended in all residential parking zones, council car parks and more than 70 on-street parking locations to make essential travel easier and provide a more flexible use of parking space, in line with national government guidance. During this time the council’s parking enforcement team has focused on keeping the roads safe and clear of obstructions.

Cllr Steve Pitt, Deputy Leader of Portsmouth City Council, said: “Now there are more people out and about in Portsmouth, either travelling to work or enjoying leisure time, we need to start reintroducing some of our normal rules. I’d encourage anyone in Portsmouth to walk or cycle wherever possible rather than driving and please make sure whatever you are doing you follow government guidance, particularly the rules around social distancing.”

Seasonal changes for dogs on beaches came into effect on 1 May but the council chose not to enforce them at that time because people could only use the seafront for one piece of daily exercise. Now people are allowed to sunbathe and take picnics the restrictions will be applied, meaning dogs can’t go on the beach at the Hotwalls or the area between the Royal Marines statue on Eastney Esplanade and Southsea Castle.

A much larger number of people are travelling and making use of open spaces for longer periods of time following the ease of government restrictions this has resulted in many councils across the country reintroducing rules that had been temporarily suspended.

Portsmouth City Council has written to the permit holders in residents’ parking zones explaining they will receive a discount on their next payment to reflect the time their zone has been out of action.

Cllr Lynne Stagg, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation, said “The travel restrictions that were introduced by the government in March resulted in many more cars than normal being parked in residential areas.  We temporarily stopped enforcing restrictions to allow maximum flexibility for those who needed to move around, particularly key workers. Now that there is more normal movement and more people are going back to their place of work, it is important we recommence the operation of the residential parking zones across the city. I have seen a number of comments from residents crying out for their resident parking zones to start operating, and from the 1 June we will be able to help them again. I would still urge people to cycle or walk wherever possible to help us with our battle to improve air quality.”

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