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Portsmouth residents are being encouraged to think twice during lockdown to make sure their actions aren’t inadvertently impacting others.

Cllr Steve Pitt, Deputy Leader of Portsmouth City Council, said: “The longer we stay in lockdown and as rules change the more opportunity there is for people to accidentally irritate others. Some people are pleased they can move around the city more while others will be worried that more people are out and about.

“Think twice if you’re thinking of doing a performance for people in your street, have a socially distanced chat with your neighbours about the noise it might make. If you’re going out to enjoy the nice weather have a think about what places or times it might be quieter. Rather than adding to long queues at the Household Waste & Recycling Centre can you safely store your rubbish in a shed, loft or somewhere else.

“Please think about how what you do affects the people around you and most importantly talk to each other, while following social distancing rules. Generally most people get on well and are considerate if they understand someone else’s situation. On the whole Portsmouth residents have been great during lockdown and I hope everyone continues to follow government’s guidance, we’re just asking for everyone to think twice about the things they do, how they might affect other people and if there’s anything that could help the situation.”

When to think twice:

Open spaces

  • With more people going out our spaces will get crowded
  • If you travel somewhere bear in mind others may too and there will also be people who live nearby
  • If you arrive somewhere that seems busy think about if it would be better to go elsewhere
  • Think about what time you go out, would another time be less busy, perhaps your lunchtime picnic could be for breakfast or an evening meal instead
  • Tidy up after yourself, please take rubbish home or use the public bins

At home

  • If you’re looking to do something noisy, like play music or DIY think about what your neighbours might think and talk to them about it, while following social distancing rules
  • If you’re doing something that might make dust or smoke consider talking to your neighbours, it could give them a chance to bring in the washing or shut their windows

Waste and recycling

  • Do you need to go to the Household Waste & Recycling Centre?
  • Some days queues have been up to two hours long
  • If you go unnecessarily you’ll be wasting your own time and making the queue longer for those who need it


  • If you’re driving for the first time in a while pay extra attention, more people are cycling at the moment and some roads have been closed so plan your journey
  • Roads might be quieter but speed limits are still the same