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Parking permit holders to receive a discount when they renew

Residential parking zone users in Portsmouth will receive a discount on renewal of their permit following the current parking suspension.

Thirty eight residential zones have been suspended since late March when parking restrictions were temporarily lifted to ease pressure on residents during the coronavirus lockdown.

Portsmouth City Council has written to all permit holders to clarify that they will receive a discount on renewal of their permit, equivalent to the period the zones have not been operational. The communication explains how, once enforcement resumes, the cost of the permit will be reduced on the next renewal for most permit holders.

Residents whose permits expire during the current suspension have been urged to renew their permit to ensure they are eligible for the reduced price the next time they renew. This will enable the council to rapidly resume enforcement to manage parking when people are able to make more journeys.

Cllr Lynne Stagg, Cabinet Member for Traffic and Transportation, said “We wanted to make it simple for residents to be reimbursed who have not had full use of their parking permits during the suspension of restrictions.

“It’s unknown how long the suspension will be in place so we made a decision to compensate permit holders through their next renewal. I hope that the current lifting of parking restrictions has been able to support carers and key workers during this challenging time while many people continue to leave cars at home.”

In late March, shortly after national lockdown began to prevent the spread of Covid 19, the council made council car parks and on-street parking free, provided businesses with off-street parking locations and temporarily suspended the 38 resident parking zones.

The council have encouraged residents and owners of commercial vehicles to temporarily park at Portsmouth’s Park and Ride, until the service is re-opened, to help make more spaces available to those helping the vulnerable and key workers.

Residents can find out more, including FAQs about the parking zone discount at