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The new websites allow the museum service to showcase all the exciting displays across all the museums and enable staff to show off specific items, exhibitions, displays and events.

A brand new ‘Stories’ section tells of the fascinating tales behind some of the collection items, detailing their histories or how they came to be in the museum’s possession.

Plus, members of the museum teams have a chance to show off some of their favourite items, and explain why they like them so much, in the new ‘Staff Recommends’ section.

Later, the city’s museum collections will also be available on the websites, allowing visitors to look through all the items held by the museum service. This covers all items, both on display and in storage, to allow visitors the chance to learn so much more about the thousands of items that have been donated to the service over its 125 year history.

In addition to the new websites there’s also a brand new YouTube channel, to host videos with even more information about museum objects, from the biggest to the smallest items.

A Portal site sits above the six individual museum websites, to provide information for all the council’s museums in the city –

All the city’s museums then have their own site:

The D-Day Story website was launched in 2018 to coincide with the re-opening of the museum following its extensive transformation work.

Cllr Pitt, Cabinet Member for Culture and City Development at Portsmouth City Council said: “We’re lucky to have such a diverse range of museums and exhibitions across the city and the new website portals bring the online offer right up to date and allow people to explore and understand more about the service and our collections than ever before. ┬áThis is especially important during the current lockdown and I hope people will take the opportunity to investigate our items via the websites and plan which exhibition they’d like to visit first when we’re able to reopen our much loved city museums.”

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